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Is a company that takes your  visions and  ideals  and  transforms them into Art that is Captivating, 
Gratifying, and Pleasing to you the Customer, ultimately bringing you greater Business Success!

Hence,  the company slogan:  "...where  Graphic  Artistry  Becomes Reality!" I can help your  goals
and ambitions to rise, visually. This can assist in your development, further  growing your dreams
and endeavor's. Let's collaborate to see if we can change the world!

LLPROSHOP Is a progression and  reflection of my Skills.  It is Talent  and Knowledge that  I  Have
acquired (Past, Present and  Future). It's a breakdown of "Leonard Lyshawn Productions", which is 
a representation of anything I work on in a creative sense.  The "Shop.Com" is the latest addition to
the logo. is a progression of self, the ultimate   expression, and now it's a place
of  business and professionalism that offers creative services to the Whole-Wide-World (www...the
Web).  Just as my logo has Progressed,  I will  continue  to  develop and strive  to get better though
you, the customer. Thank You for being part of my journey!

What does LLPROSHOP have to Offer?
Leonard is a Graphic Artist who is creative in every sense of the word. He is passionate and a bit of a perfectionist. An imaginative illustrator,
who is  the driving  force  behind  LLPROSHOP.  His  talent extends over a very wide range. He can produce Urban Images that are unique in style, Corporate Images that are simple and  solid  in content or he can  be Innovative producing  imagery that  is creative and timely.  These elements make him an excellent choice  for  a  wide range  of Projects and Services.  Leonard uses the Adobe ® Suite  for most of his projects and  is most  proficient in  Adobe Photoshop ®.  Above and Below you will have the opportunity to view a few examples of images, designs and creative works produced by the artist. Those examples now  includes this Website.  Although Leonard is gifted at enhancing visions through art, he is also adept at creating commercial works and readily communicates the vision of his clientele consistently.

Here is a sample list of Projects and Services performed in the past (but not limited to):
  •  Flyers (Skating, Club, Special Events, Postcards, Bookmarks, Posters, Brochures)  
  •  Logos T-Shirt Designs (Color Separation) 
  •  Business Cards 
  •  Ticket Designs 
  •  Custom Characters  
  •  DVD Picture Slideshows (Including photography) 
  •  Picture Restoration (Removing Scars, combining multiple images.) 
  •  CD and DVD Inserts  
  •  Animated .gif's (See Book add on / on "Groove Newz" and "Represent Yourself" Pages)      

Products of LLPROSHOP
  • Vela Davis CULTURE
CULTURE, is an attempt to predominately feature and personify a portion of Vela's Creativeness, Hair Knowledge, Hair Visions, Special Talents and Specializations in Natural Hair Care in a Picture Book. Her Hair genius has led her to become a two time Champion of the "FAB Weekend INFERNO HAIR Competition in 2014 and 2015." Additionally, Photography and Graphic Design are used to capture and document the memorable events with a hint of African-American Culture.
  • Pictures from: The 58th Warren Family Reunion, E1T1
E1T1, with the intent to reach one is a picture book of "The 58th Warren Family Reunion". It was created to visually document and stress the importance of FAMILY. In addition, Family is celebrated through Family-history, Family-Love and Inspiration: A family effort that tracks activities and events during the 4th of July weekend, 2014.
  • The Art of Slide (West Coast Edition)
This is a limited edition FLIP PICTURE BOOK. Two GR8 SK8 events, One GR8 SK8 Book! If you are intrigued or fascinated by the Slide, One who Slides, or just want to know what a Slide is...then this first ever Slide Look book is for you. On one side there is coverage of The Second Annual, SK8 Fanatics' "Cali-Slide" SK8 Party and on the other side you have The Toe Stoppas' "SK8cation", The Second Annual GR8 SK8 Jam. An awe inspiring SK8 souvenir!  It Features: 
    • The 2nd Annual Cali Slide and GR8 SK8 jams
    • The Cali Slide contest
    • Nicole's Rink Style 360 Fashion show
    • Cali Skate-Line Masquerade Ball
    • The Toe Stoppas Mas-SK8-rade
    • LLPROSHOP interview Kevin and many other exclusive pieces 
  • The GR8 SK8 Book 
"The GR8 SK8 Book" is a collage and collection of pictures and graphic designs that documents the first National Skate Jam in Phoenix, AZ. It Celebrates the
SK8  community  and  those  that participated in the event.  If you are a novice skater or new to the skate scene, this book will entertain and educate you to the underground Skate World.

  • Come Roll with Us!
Come  Roll  with  us is  a brief look into  a  subculture  that has been around for generations. The hit movie Roll Bounce brought it to your attention and Tyrone Dixon's DVD:  "8 Wheels and  Some  Soul  Brother Music" tapped into it but they failed to capture the West Coast experience. Since every major city in America has  its  own style and flavor,  we invite you to check us out and...Come Roll with Us! This book captures visual imagery of the Fourth Annual West Cost, Back-
To-Cali; Skate Jam.

Click on the Books or Devices below to go to there respective e-stores to preview or purchase.

                        Vela Davis CULTURE: HAIR | FASHION | MAKE-UP | ART | LIFESTYLE | NATURAL | SELF-LOVE


E1T1: Pictures from: The 58th Warren Family Reunion                                                           The Art of Slide Standard Version


Standard Book         Glossy Pages

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